Getting out of my shell/Why I Blog assignment

I’m so private as a person that it truly was difficult for me to share my thoughts on this blog when it was first introduced to the class.  I usually keep things to my self unless it’s necessary to share. This experience is allowing me to master the art of free writing as well as sharing with others.  It’s funny because I’ve had a Facebook since 2009 and have never really posted anything except for pictures.  For some reason, I’ve  always been self conscious about what I write.  After reading the assignment of “WHY I BLOG by Andrew Sullivan”, I understand that blogging is an art form, a way of expression that instantly sings to the rest of the world what one truly feels about something. To me, this article about “Why I blog” confirmed what I thought of Facebook, Twitter, etc. all alone, and that is it’s a platform to tell their life story.  Similar to a blog, social media compares because one can just expose themselves (or somebody else)  good or bad.  Furthermore, I learned blogging is not as stuffy as other forms of writing.  Meaning that, you can be yourself and quickly reveal what is genuine about who you are as well as what you believe in. Because of this, blogging is becoming the main reason writers are shifting in this direction (in my opinion).  Lastly, This article was enlightening as much as it was boring. But that is the beauty of blogging because what is good to one person can be awful to the next.

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