“Need Serenity”

Well, Just thought I’d blog about the fact that I now have some serenity to get things done.  Trying to research, blog, and organize a research paper does not go along with loud & busy kids.  Therefore I kick them out.  Yes, you heard me. I made my children leave for the day so I could get some studying done.  They tried to put up a fight but I came out superior.  I must say, it feels good to get some work done without my 8 year old saying she is hungry all the time or the 17 year old asking to go somewhere in my car,  not to mention the 13 year old listening to music all while I’m trying to study.  Not today. I’m alone and my creative juices is flowing as we speak.  Still trying to figure out if I should let them come back (joke).  I’m saying this to say decrease your distractions and you will get so much more work done.  Take it from me, it will be worth it cause time is moving so fast.

2 thoughts on ““Need Serenity”

  1. I am glad you have a day to yourself, with no distractions, so you can focus on your homework. I respect you for challenging yourself with working, and raising a family. Not to mention, taking two summer classes that require a lot of your time. You are right, time does fly by. Remember, take one day at time, don’t let the big picture over whelm you.

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