There is still hope!

As I begun to narrow a topic to write about last week, the more my frustration grew.  First, I was set on writing about the mental health field as it relates to the funding from the federal government.  Then I thought to write about family dynamics which focused on the question should parents stay together for the sake of the children only.  In addition to those topics, I thought about writing about should all schools (elementary-High School) be required to wear school uniforms.  Lastly, I thought about social media and its impact on our daily lives.  Then one day last I was having a conversation with my sister about people who receive food assistance from the state and the topic came up about federal regulation as it relates to food purchases and Bingo.  All of a sudden the light bulb popped on and I knew what I wanted to write about.  Therefore my controversial topic is:  Should the government regulate food purchased with snap benefits?  

1 thought on “There is still hope!

  1. Sounds like a good topic. I think the government should regulate the food benefits and monitor more strictly. There is a lot of fraud related to the benefit. I would like to know the limits and the amount of money a single mother of 2 gets per week. Just curious.


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