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Thesis Statements

I found this link on Pinterest ( my favorite place in the world) and it seem to be a pretty good article about thesis statements.  This link may or may not have what any of you are looking for; however, just thought I’d share with the class just in case anybody was struggling in this area for your paper.  Thesis statements can be difficult, especially dependent on your topic, even if you have a great sources of information for your paper.  Also, in addition to information on thesis statements, Pinterest has many ideas for research topics, paper organization, MLA format, and many other tips as it relates to writing.  Also surfing on Pinterest could provide that mental break when you have nothing else to say or write.  For me anyways, it balances out the homework , I can surf for things I like as well as things I need for my writing assignment.

“Need Serenity”

Well, Just thought I’d blog about the fact that I now have some serenity to get things done.  Trying to research, blog, and organize a research paper does not go along with loud & busy kids.  Therefore I kick them out.  Yes, you heard me. I made my children leave for the day so I could get some studying done.  They tried to put up a fight but I came out superior.  I must say, it feels good to get some work done without my 8 year old saying she is hungry all the time or the 17 year old asking to go somewhere in my car,  not to mention the 13 year old listening to music all while I’m trying to study.  Not today. I’m alone and my creative juices is flowing as we speak.  Still trying to figure out if I should let them come back (joke).  I’m saying this to say decrease your distractions and you will get so much more work done.  Take it from me, it will be worth it cause time is moving so fast.

Getting out of my shell/Why I Blog assignment

I’m so private as a person that it truly was difficult for me to share my thoughts on this blog when it was first introduced to the class.  I usually keep things to my self unless it’s necessary to share. This experience is allowing me to master the art of free writing as well as sharing with others.  It’s funny because I’ve had a Facebook since 2009 and have never really posted anything except for pictures.  For some reason, I’ve  always been self conscious about what I write.  After reading the assignment of “WHY I BLOG by Andrew Sullivan”, I understand that blogging is an art form, a way of expression that instantly sings to the rest of the world what one truly feels about something. To me, this article about “Why I blog” confirmed what I thought of Facebook, Twitter, etc. all alone, and that is it’s a platform to tell their life story.  Similar to a blog, social media compares because one can just expose themselves (or somebody else)  good or bad.  Furthermore, I learned blogging is not as stuffy as other forms of writing.  Meaning that, you can be yourself and quickly reveal what is genuine about who you are as well as what you believe in. Because of this, blogging is becoming the main reason writers are shifting in this direction (in my opinion).  Lastly, This article was enlightening as much as it was boring. But that is the beauty of blogging because what is good to one person can be awful to the next.

There is still hope!

As I begun to narrow a topic to write about last week, the more my frustration grew.  First, I was set on writing about the mental health field as it relates to the funding from the federal government.  Then I thought to write about family dynamics which focused on the question should parents stay together for the sake of the children only.  In addition to those topics, I thought about writing about should all schools (elementary-High School) be required to wear school uniforms.  Lastly, I thought about social media and its impact on our daily lives.  Then one day last I was having a conversation with my sister about people who receive food assistance from the state and the topic came up about federal regulation as it relates to food purchases and Bingo.  All of a sudden the light bulb popped on and I knew what I wanted to write about.  Therefore my controversial topic is:  Should the government regulate food purchased with snap benefits?  


Hey fellow writers,

Click the above link for some inspiration if your are having a hard time started your research like me (although it’s getting better).  Juggling an accelerated BIO 1511 with Comp II, Being mom to three kids, and  working at an internship makes it difficult to stay on task, however I am up for the challenge.  I enjoy the fact that we have this blog to support each other (shout out to Katie for all her help).